31 May – Getting Ahead of the Curve: Runaway Climate Change and how to build political collective action to stop it.

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Runaway Climate Change and how to build political collective action to stop it.

31st May 6.30pm Kings College London, Strand Campus

This Radical Think Tank event follows on from the very successful evening we had on how to build more effective campaigns (9.5 out of 10 on how informational it was on the feedback). Building upon the mechanisms and strategies reviewed during that event, in this workshop Roger Hallam will do another participatory presentation on how to build the political movement needed to reduce carbon emissions so as to stop the world going over the 2C limit set at the recent Paris Conference.

First we will look at the coming catastrophe squarely in the face, not just to realise the gravity of the situation but also to identify that it is our inability to understand the nature of tipping points which explains why we on course to create runaway global warming in just a matter of years. Ironically it’s the understanding of tipping points which also holds the key to developing the successful strategies of mobilisation needed to stop carbon emissions. The massive mobilisation climb needed to deal with climate change is possible but requires a radical departure from the failed NGO strategies of the last 25 years. Provision of information and consciousness raising campaigns will never get us out of first gear. Drawing upon network theory, research on the psychology of persuasion, and instructive examples of explosions of political change from the past we will map out the best bet pathways to mass mobilisation. Learning involves doing, so the workshop will include real time feedback from participants and break out discussions.

Roger had been involved in designing growth mechanisms for campaigns, co-op networks, and social enterprises for 30 years. He is presently a PhD researcher at Kings College London, engaged in designing effective mechanisms for successful radical political collective action. He helped design the successful campaign to create the UCL rent strike – the first pre-organised rent strike in London since the 1970s. He is now working with a number of campaigns to maximise their potential for mobilisation including the IWGB trade union which recently won 30% wage increases due to innovate campaigns against two large corporate courier firms. The IWGB president described his work as “genuinely fantastic”. Collective action can and does work if you know how to create it.

This event is organised by the Radical Think Tank – a network of academics and activists researching practical ways to bring about bottom up radical political change.



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