23rd March 2016 – How To Make Radical Campaigns More Effective

How To Make Radical Campaigns More Effective

This evening event will provide you with important recent research which points to concrete ways in which campaigns can increase participation, dramatically create effective collective action, and take direct actions which overcome our opponents.
Rather than deal with general principles it will look at specific procedures and mechanisms – how to run meetings, how to speak to people about taking action, and which actions maximise your power to win. The recent successes of rent strikes and living wage trade union campaigns in London provide case studies which will be looked at in detail.
If activists and organisers want to win their campaigns, this event will provide invaluable skills and knowledge about how to do it. If we want to build a better world we need to stop doing what we have always done and start doing what works.
All welcome – the event will be participatory and fun! We look forward to seeing there.
The workshop will be run by Roger Hallam from the Radical Think Tank – he is a PhD researcher at Kings College London working on the design of effective radical political collective action.

For more information please email us at radicalthinktank@gmail.com

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