Report on the Radical Think Tank Launch/Social Evening

We had a great get together to discuss visions for the RTT. So far it has been mainly myself, Dan and Guin who have got the basics going: some aims and ways of working and a Facebook page, blog/website, email etc. So it was good to get the views of others who are interested.

So you might say the RTT is now officially on the go and we agreed the basic organisational form.

That there should be a organising/coordination team to overseeing the basic development of structure and admin roles

That people should be invited to formally join the collective/network – these people should explicitly be committed to the project.

That other people can read and contribute (crowd-source) data for specific projects

That once the basic infrastructure is set up – website/blog and admin structure then people can initiate the own specific research projects and recruit people to join with the on a contractual one-off project basis.

Obviously this is only a rough structure but the idea is develop this over the coming months.

We all wrote down ideas/visions for RTT in a years time and 5 years time. Here is a summary:

In one years time have the following

1. core funding for 1-2 part time staff to coordinate the organisation and been incorporated.

  1. held two major events
  2. a toolkit – how to do it – in various formats on and off line
  3. a clear strategy / vision
  4. a agree way of decision making/ way of working as part of the identity of the organisation
  5. an open forum for debate and exchange of ideas on our website
  6. a clear review process and a way of making improvements through iterative processes.


In time five years time (necessarily speculative!)

  1. be part of a wider (international) network with franchises – networked with radical publishers (eg verso), journalists, political parties – some complex of radical media, research oranisations/think tanks, and radical campaigns/assemblies to create common projects for political change.
  2. have regular and secure funding streams
  3. regular appearances on in media
  4. numerous toolkits /formats for knowledge sharing
  5. mass crowd sourcing of data and ideas
  6. have distributed network – but with effective communication
  7. part of an overall change in education – new participatory methods – part of new independent radical university/college
  8. clear about internal motivations
  9. working with the state but maybe through radical elements within it – eg for new political party , to create mass participation in political decision making


and so the task now is to get the rest of the basic structures in place and get and tell the world. Here are a list of things to do as off December 2015. I am coordinating efforts and any offers of time to so some of the list below please email me at

  1. We need to register the company. Dan was about to do and has the details (Laurence?)
  2. Promoting RTT on Facebook with regular posts (Graham?)
  3. Working on making the blog clear and update – and working on a format for research projects (eg name, description and aim, coordinator and/or research team, data so far, crowd-source options/help needed, how and who to get in touch with) (Guin a UK research student, currently in Sweden set up and has done basic work on the blog)
  4. Getting basic card and leaflet done ( I would hope some activist students might be interested in gaining research experience)
  5. Organising another open evening a lot more widely (ie not just direct contacts) with lots of participation, food, etc.
  6. Work on a more developed organisation form/ policies to be proposed, modified and agreed and a formal meeting of people in the network in the spring (eg on ideological direction/limits, money issues, decision-making/participation)
  7. Contacting all the potential collective/network people and putting them on blog with 200 word summary of their background interests and ideas. And the respectable lecturers can be put somewhere to impress people that are impressed by that sort of thing.
  8. Work out a plan for funding raising – for what – from whom- how to do it – and how much.
  9. Help organise and sponsor the How to do if conference and promote and recruit for RTT during the weekend event on 9-10thApril.



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