What we have done so far

What we have done so far.

We are already involved in working with a number of campaigns around London. Much of this is integrated with Rogers PhD research on the design of radical political collective action. Here is a summary and a taste of what we are doing:

Reclaim Brixton – done a workshop on effective political action and looking to facilitating the process of designing direct actions.

Occupy LSE – done questionnaire after their first open meeting to assess the response to an open participatory design of the meeting. Working on designing direct actions.

University College London Cut the rent Campaign. Helped design the campaign and done training on facilitation and canvassing. Shown that if a canvassor is trained they can double the number of positive responses to the question of the willingness to go on rent strike.

Kings Graduate Teaching Assistant Campaign – tested the effectiveness of giving a conditional commitment on the willingness of 500 students to email the Kings authorities to pay GTA in a fair way. The use of conditional commitment increased commitment from 47% to 82%.

London Radical Assembly – Helping to create documentation to facilitate a participatory structure for a London wide network.


Roger and Dan have already produced a 50 page booklet on “How to win – Successful procedures and mechanisms for Radical Campaign groups”. If you would like a copy or are a campaign wishing to work with us please email radicalthinktank@gmail.com

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