The Plan

RTT aims to establish clear and achievable short term goals as well as longer aims to give a sense of direction. Dan and Roger, the co-founders, set some concrete aims and these have been supplemented by our last open meeting.

Short Terms Aims for 2016.

  • To build up a membership base of academics, activists and community organisers. To have over 50 people in the organisation by the end of the year.
  • To produce recruitment leaflets
  • To register a company and bank account. To be able to receive donations via the website.
  • To have regular social events which will evolve into a formal decision making process. At least five get togethers in the next year. Though this process to develop a clear strategy/vision and review process for the organisation.
  • To work with other co-sponsors to create a successful “How to do it “ conference on 9-10 April and promote the network at the event. To hold another major event by the end of the year. Maybe a follow up to the April Event.
  • To develop high profile online presence – linking with other networks and regular postings on Facebook, the blog/website etc. To create an online forum to share comments and ideas.
  • To start fundraising with the view too creating a basic wage for two administrators
  • To start producing “how to do it” publications – at least 10 by the end of year
  • To have at least five research projects up and going
  • Have a major strategic review of the year’s progress in Autumn 2016 with a view to re launching the organisation maybe with another name and/or combining with other networks – whatever will enable us to bring in more people and so better achieve our aims.

Longer term aims (the next five years – necessarily speculative!).

  • To have a wide (international) network of franchises and be networked with radical publishers , journalists, new political parties creating a complex of radical media, research organisations/think tanks, and radical campaigns/assemblies to create large scale projects for political change.
  • To have regular and secure funding streams
  • To have regular appearances on in media
  • To have numerous toolkits /formats for knowledge sharing
  • To have a large scale crowd sourcing mechanism for the collecting and aggregating of data and ideas
  • To have distributed network of think and do tanks  – but with effective communication within this network
  • To be part of an radical change movement in education which would promote the development of new participatory methods and develop into a new independent radical university/college
  • To have internal clarity about aims, goals and motivations
  • To be working with radical elements within the state – helping to create a new political party which involves mass participatory democracy on and offline.



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